"My greatest joy in life, is being in the "Wilderness". My second greatest joy, is sharing it." T.S.Bateman     T.Swanton(Terry)Bateman was born in Billings Montana in 1942.

Very early in life it was evident that there existed a special feeling for any wild thing--be it tadpole or moose. As a boy he spent his days wandering the creeks and canyons in the hills south of Billings,stalking and observing every form of wildlife available. In those days racoon,fox,bobcat,coyote and deer were abundant in the area, not to mention hawks,eagles and owls and scores of songbirds.

Terry spent most of his youth hunting, fishing, trapping or just wandering the hills watching.
He later became a government trapper,then as a taxidermist,he developed an intimate knowledge of animal anatomy and for over thirty years now has been fortunate enough to enjoy a fulltime art career.

Terry resides in Joliet Montana where he continues to paint and sculpt the wild things he so dearly loves.